Two Rivers Gallery

Date: Sep 30/17

Prince George 3rd Annual Mini Maker Faire
The 3rd Annual Prince George Mini Maker Faire will be happening Saturday, September 30th, 2017 | 10am-3pm,  in and around Two Rivers Gallery, the Canada Games Plaza and the Prince George Library. As a community-focused event, the goal of PG Mini Maker Faire is to celebrate the skills and ideas present in our Northern community, encourage dialogue and cooperation between a diversity of Makers, and inspire lifelong learning through the principles of make, create, craft, build, and play.

We are calling for all Makers: tech enthusiasts, artists, crafters, homesteaders, scientists, garage tinkerers, performers, Do-it-yourselfers, designers, innovators & inventors-in-the-making – from all ages, backgrounds and skill levels and in any and as many forms as there may be! If this sounds like you or someone you know then the Mini Maker Faire is calling!

The event is free for non-sale spaces and only $75 to sell your craft or product as a commercial Maker.
There is space for individual and group Makers, commercial Makers and performers. With Northern BC being home to a highly diverse range of do-ers, skill sets, resources and pioneering mindsets, we are encouraging all types, ages and levels of Makers to participate in a celebration of the Maker Movement. Here, the global Maker Faire’s “greatest show and (tell) on Earth” showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, is where people show what they are making and what they are learning. The exciting day presents participatory community-focused and family-friendly showcases and activities.

More info. online at or contact Roanne at or 250-614-7800 to request a digital form by email.