From 1914 until 1981, Valemount’s museum was the town’s railway station, one of the busiest places in the bustling railroad town situated between the three mountain ranges and in the shadow of the tallest mountain in the Rockies — Mount Robson.

At the Valemount Museum visitors learn about the people and events that built the community. Each room tells a different story. The railroad room features a model railroad that takes visitors through the historic communities of Lucerne, Tete Jaune, Red Pass and Swift Creek. The lobby contains an exhibit on Japanese Internment Camps that existed in the area. Part of the basement has been converted to a Trapper’s cabin with his tools and furs. And the living room is where visitors gain a perspective on the life of the early settlers. A wide variety of interesting artifacts are all on display.

Valemount has all the amenities to compliment your cultural experience. Fine dining, gorgeous lodges and motels and extraordinary scenery await!

Valemount Museum

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